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Steel Wall Vinyl Pool Build

Proposal & Design: Pooltech Inc. offers professional design services, in which our design specialist will compose a general survey of the pool site. In his composition of your survey, our design specialist attends to all aspects of the pool site including the following: elevation levels, access points, draining systems, utilities, potential setbacks, and district regulations in order to prepare for a successfulpool build. Upon approval of the pools form, you will choose a liner pattern with the help of our knowledgeable staff.

Acquiring Permits: After approving a design proposal, our affable personnel will begin your project by conducting a dig test, and then correlating with the utility companies, and the town to acquire the essential building permits. Construction Outline: Once all permits are obtained, our construction division will meet with you and schedule to begin the project. After positioning the pool, our construction manager will discuss the construction procedure with you. Excavation Process: Excavating is the initial step in the actual building process. The crew sets the form boards giving rigorous attention to critical dimensions as our crew carves the custom form of your swimming pool. Leveling: After the pool is dug out, we meticulously place leveling blocks around the perimeter of the pool where panels join together to ensure that all walls will be level at the top of the pool.

Assembly: Once we are certain all walls will be level we assemble panels with A-frame bases and bolt everything together. Then we stake the bottom of the A-frame base to keep it in place and cement the base. Plumbing:Following the assembly of the steel walls, we adjust the panels to plumb vertically. Energy efficiency, safety, and water clarity are the objectives of the pool hydraulic system. Our first-rate hydraulic equipment makes pool maintenance nearly effortless. All plumbing lines are pressure tested for 24 hours to assure a quality job. Backfill:In this process, we put in compactible material into 6” lifts to backfill the excess dirt removed during the excavation process.

Cement Collar: After the pool is backfilled, we place a cement collar around the perimeter at the base of the panels in order to keep the walls from shifting. The collar is generally around two feet wide to one foot deep.

Trowel Bottom: Finally, we trowel the bottom of your pool (or offer a hard bottom as an upgrade) to ensure a smooth surface for the liner to rest on and insert foam wall-padding to cushion the walls.

Liner Installation: PooltechInc then methodically installs the vinyl liner. Upon completion of the liner installation our crew will faceplate the skimmers, and all visible fittings to ensure there are no leaks. Fill: Immediately after the installation of the liner and faceplates is complete, we begin to fill the pool. After the pool is filled, one of our knowledgeable staff members will conduct a water analysis and will instruct you on how to chemically balance your new pool.

Steel Wall Vinyl Pool Build