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Pool Coping

Pool coping is a minor detail of a pool’s design; however, it is one of the most significant of the many essentials of a pool’s structure. Pool coping is the most common choice to produce an elegant, noticeable edge to a pool; furthermore maximizing safety precautions. If your pool is exhibiting movable stones, or cracks, contact Pooltech Inc. to learn more about the importance of replacing, or repairing your pool’s coping.

Pooltech Inc. Offers Four Styles of Coping

Bull Nose: Bull Nose coping is the most traditional of the coping techniques we offer; it is distinguished by its rounded edge. Bull Nose coping is available in a wide variety of materials, essentially allowing for a vast color selection to meet all of your design needs.

Rough Cut: Appearing most natural due to its composition from coarse stone with a textured edge, Rough Cut coping is a better choice for those seeking an environmental appearance in their backyard.

Cantilever: Cantilever coping is a coping style that delivers a more contemporary look to your pool. Its straight design forms a 90 degree angle to your pool edge, primarily enhancing the decking around your pool.

Rolled Edge: Rolled Edge coping is produced by using stone or brick and is renowned for its inverted edge. This coping style is the best choice for those who use their pool primarily for exercise.

For more information about the different types of material used for coping, or a free estimate please contact us via telephone, or come visit our store located at 195 Allen Blvd in Farmingdale, NY. One of our knowledgeable personnel will happily guide you in selecting a coping style most suitable to your needs.

Pool Coping