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As of 2014, Pooltech Inc. is a Certified Pebble Tec Dealer. You may ask, what is Pebble Tec? Well, Pebble Tec is a new, durable, and extravagantly beautiful finish that can be applied to gunite pools and spas. “Inspired by brilliant riverbeds and spotless beaches,” Pebble Tec now allows for swimming pools to have a more natural, yet stunning finish that both compliments, and unifies your pool with its surrounding landscape. Products made by Pebble Tec have proven to sustain their elegance, while lasting longer than customary plaster finishes. The Pebble Tec finishes supplied by Pooltech Inc. include the following: Pebble Tec®

Offered in 18 striking colors, Pebble Tec® is the first in the evolution of pebble pool finishes. The Pebble Tec finish consists of a stain-resistant, non-slip texture, furthermore upholding the pool industry’s highest of standards. As a consumer of Pebble Tec, one will find that this finish is extremely reliable and requires little maintenance.


Pebble Sheen®

Pebble Sheen is an option most suitable to those seeking a smoother surface with less exposed aggregate. This finish is composed of a vibrantassortment of small pebbles that are welded together and then buffed to deliver an appearance similar to that of granite. Offered in 16 colors, Pebble Sheen allows for an aesthetic, yet natural look.

Peeble Tec Sheen®

Pebble Fina®

Emulating the Grecian-Roman use of pozzolans to increase density, Pebble Fina is the smoothest of the Pebble Tec finishes. Offered in 14 astonishing “European-inspired” colors, Pebble Fina is most suitable to those seeking a finish with minimal exposed aggregate.

Peeble Tec Sheen®

Bead Crete®

Beadcrete® consists of a mixture of Portland cement that is enhanced with polymer additions, and colorful glass spheres. Although Beadcrete is the only glass finish produced by Pebble Tec, its application is very similar to their other, more natural, finishes. Being that Beadcrete is Pebble Tec’s only glass finish, it is presented in three different series: The Crystal Series, the Fiesta Series, and the Luminous Series.


Fiesta Series

Luminous Series

Please Note: “Only skilled installers licensed by Pebble Technology, Inc. can apply a Pebble Tec®, Pebble Sheen®, Pebble Fina® and Bead Crete® brand pool finish.”