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Gunite Pool Build

Proposal & Design: Pooltech Inc. offers professional design services, in which our design specialist will compose a general survey of the pool site. In his composition of your survey, our design specialist attends to all aspects of the pool site including the following: elevation levels, access points, draining systems, utilities, potential setbacks, and district regulations in order to prepare for a successful pool build.

Acquiring Permits: After approving a design proposal, our affable personnel will begin your project by conducting a dig test, and then correlating with the utility companies, and the town to acquire the essential building permits.

Construction Outline: Once all permits are obtained, our construction division will meet with you and schedule to begin the project. After positioning the pool, our construction manager will discuss the construction procedure with you.

Excavation Process: Excavating is the initial step in the actual building process. The crew sets the form boards giving rigorous attention to critical dimensions as our crew carves the custom form of your swimming pool.

Steel: We strictly adhere to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for expansive soil conditions and utilize these standards to guarantee our architectural suitability.

Plumbing: Energy efficiency, safety, and water clarity are the objectives of the pool hydraulic system. Our first-rate hydraulic equipment makes pool maintenance nearly effortless. All plumbing lines are pressure tested for 24 hours to assure a quality job.

Gunite: Once the excavation and foundation are completed our crew begins the gunite application, where we precisely position the gunite to the frame, and floors, which in turn begins to adhere to the desired shape.

Tile & Coping: Following the application of gunite, we collaborate with the consumer to approach the finishing touches of his/her new pool. Beginning with the tile and coping, our friendly personnel will assist you in designing a pool exterior most suitable to your ideas and your means

Electrical: Pooltech Inc. will collaborate with a licensed technician in order to connect all electrical components of your new pool to your home’s main electrical line. Although we do not provide electrical services, we do offer recommendations of technicians who have previously worked with our equipment.

Clean up: Once the construction is complete, our crew makes certain to remove all existing debris resulting from the pool build, and begin to prepare for the finishing touches of your new in-ground swimming pool. Pool Finishes: Pool finishes turn a traditional gunite pool to an extravagantly beautiful aquatic site. The most contemporary of gunite finishes used by Pooltech Inc. are manufactured by Pebble Technology Inc.

Pebble Technology Inc.’s finishes, inspired by the beauty of natural riverbeds, offers a more naturally stunning look to your swimming pool; however, Pooltech Inc. does offer more traditional finishes such as marble dusting, and painting; if you have any questions about the variable finishes, please contact us and one of our well-informed employees will gladly elaborate on and help you choose what is most suitable for your ideal pool.

Start up: Upon completion of the pool build, one of our knowledgeable employees will help to instruct you on how to properly utilize and maintain the pool, its utilities, and chemical balance. If you have any further questions please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Gunite Inground Swimming Pool Builds