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Build Your Pool

Life is not about how hard you work; it’s about how well you reward yourself and there is nothing more rewarding than drenching yourself in the luxury of a pool created by Pooltech.

Recognized for designing and building the finest gunite swimming pools on Long Island, a Pooltech pool or spa outperforms the competition in its durability, value and aesthetics. A Pool Tech creation will transform your backyard into a personal oasis.

Pooltech Long Island is there to plan the pool of your dreams. Pooltech inc. in Farmingdale, NY is a Long Island Pool Builder. Specializing in new construction, renovating gunite and vinyl liner pools. We can transform your back yard to a magic oasis. Envision your poolscape, patio, garden and outdoor barbecue on a beautiful summer day while entertaining your guest.

We can make your dream a reality. Talk to our experts. They’ll show you how anything is possible with a Pooltech Pool.

What pool is right for your home and family? Our Pooltech expert design consultants will assist you in determining the right pool design, size and location for you. Pool Tech offers a variety of pool construction, such as Gunite, Steel Wall Vinyl Lined and Poured Wall Vinyl Lined. Our Design Consultants will explain all the differences and help you choose a pool that is best for your home and landscaping. The following are factors that will affect the specifications of your pool.

Planning your pool:

  • First determine the dimensions, length, width, depth, size and shape.
  • Town regulations, yard size, landscape are all determining factors on choosing your pool size.
  • Determine what you will use your pool for such as swimming laps, diving, water sports or making a relaxing sanctuary
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Decide on your budget. Investing in a pool is an investment in your home and your lifestyle. Together we can work out a plan that suits your budget and your dreams.

PoolTech offers gunite pools, poured wall vinyl lined and steel wall vinyl lined pools that can be customized in a variety of sizes, shapes, depth and structural features. Each pool is custom designed and is structurally unique. A greater creative approach is possible, including negative edges, fountains, waterfalls, and freeform designs to accent a home’s poolscape, hardscape and landscape.

What to expect in the construction process

pooltech pool construction

There are four main phases in pool building: Design, Permitting, Construction, Finishing work and Landscaping.

  • Designing your pool can take several weeks depending on the complexity of your project after you defined your vision and features.
  • Permitting your pool involves, a pool rendering, engineering reports, land survey and variance to obtain building permits. Depending on the time of the year, permitting usually takes a minimum of three weeks.
  • The construction phase involves the excavation; creating the required retaining walls; installation of form, rebar, plumbing and electrical ducts; application of the gunite or concrete, tiling, coping, decking and interior finish.
  • Pool finishing work involves installation of the equipment and special features. This is one of the last phases of completion since the area must be clean for filling with water and starting the pool’s operation.
  • The deck and landscaping has to be coordinated with the pool construction. Pool decking, masonry work, walkways, retaining walls, fencing, and tree planting must all be coordinated.