Pool Tech Long Island



APSP is the only association accredited by the American National Standards Institute to generate and endorse national requirements for building, installation, renovation and service of pools and spas.

Similar to APSP, the North East Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) assists the consumer in locating an expert in the pool industry, as opposed to someone who just establishes himself as a competent technician.

NESPA Certified Professionals are renowned bearers of superior quality service within the pool industry. The NESPA certification logo on our website indicates that Pooltech Inc. has effectively fulfilled and maintained NESPAS’s requirements of excellence.

Long Island Pool and Spa Association To promote the business image and welfare of its members by facilitating the exchange of business ideas, providing education and direction while building consumer confidence in the pool and spa industry.


Why choose an APSP Certified Building Professional (CBP)?

  • An APSP CBP fulfills the APSP’s educational requirements regarding premium pool design, construction, and installation.
  • As CBPs, we pride ourselves in staying educated about the latest technologies, as well as adhering to any building regulation changes.
  • As
  • Certified Building Professionals, Pooltech Inc. is dedicated to providing you with outstanding service that guarantees both your safety and satisfaction.

Why choose a HVAC EXCELLENCE certified company?

Throughout Long Island, there are a limited number of pool companies that are licensed to handle R410A and other refrigerants. In other words, choosing a company with an HVAC EXCELLENCE certification verifies that the company can appropriately service the customers’ heaters, heat pumps, and other refrigerants.